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Beijing villa decoration company providing original blue Hundred Rhythm and interior design services, which gathered all the extreme elements in Lake Group representative works , but also the world representative of the villa . West of Beijing 's Summer Palace is the royal exquisite garden , yard, there is a treasure in the capital . Here are the Qing Dynasty royal planning "three mountains and five gardens ' western suburbs garden area of the core. Rhythm and the original back Yanshan Mountains , west of Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace , located in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi , Yongzheng and Qianlong imperial garden to create three ( Chang Chun , Yuanmingyuan , Qing Yi Park , the Summer Palace, where the Qing Yi Park ) to the center position , and the Summer Palace is only separated by a wall .
" Rhythm and original" essence of mining dynasty imperial garden , yard, pleasant scenery. In deep shade overlooking the mountains, a quiet location near Xiushui view , is a true sense of Chinese and Western home. We have strict door first solemn wind , but also not ignore the comfort of living . The house is large, not only physically block the wind and rain can be a space , but should be able to overshadow the whole family and even the proud descendants from generation to generation and industry. Yao family home can be the family flourished even more significantly distinguished the house . Rhythm and somewhat original royal palace borrowed to air , somewhat natural landscape of Reiki , inherited the royal " set the world of great beauty ," the spirit of the garden !
Fit prosperity, big country , collection, David , a model such as keywords, Mito auxiliary Essay to big and pertinent , detailed narrative depicting Rhythm and original presents both " magnificent atmosphere " and " delicate graceful " temperament tension . Rhythm and emulated flourishing Tang original research and development ideas : the most representative of Chinese culture, Tang flourishing source of inspiration . The use of French , Portuguese limestone facade magnificent, looming large Tangzi Xin style.
In the landscape, architecture selection and equipment and other aspects, inherited the essence of classical Chinese architecture where rhyme , chose the main line west of skill in the soul of original design ideas and Chinese official home appearance. The interior layout is follow the basic structure of the courtyard , but the layers of progressive tiled three-dimensional. Rhythm and original selection of European Millennium Stone , which lasted five years, collecting more than 1,000 strains of treasure into a tree , the use of vegetation and water , the landscape of the project after the lake became a continuation of the Summer Palace .
The project covers an area of ​​147 acres, there are 91 official planning mansion , 900 to 3000 square meters nine kinds of units, 18 kinds of facades . Each house contains a total of four, including two on the ground , underground layers , a layer of noble social places ; story living world wide , 360-degree lighting ; ground floor private club ; ground floor master elegance bunker.
Rhythm and original from 70 million , the most expensive flat king worth 800 million . In the 2012 broadcast of " Beijing love story ", the Cheng Feng and Shi Xiao Meng Yi is live and the original value of around 450 million showroom .
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