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Beijing villa decoration company Blue Hundred One Sunac Long Beach villa decoration services provided by the well-known Hong Kong listed enterprises SUNAC DEDECATES China Holdings Limited, is the second top luxury West Chateau after another "One" Benchmarking masterpiece.
大中关版图,新硅谷核心CBD  Dazhong off territory, the new Silicon Valley core CBD
North expansion project is located off the hot medium and large territory above, from the Changping Line subway Nanshao Station 1500 m, half-hour Beijing living area within walking distance. China University of Political Science, China University of Petroleum, North China Electric Power University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, more than 30 well-known universities, Zhongguancun Science Park Changping Park and other research institutes camouflage, Changping expansive natural reserves. In the medium and large closed economy northward expansion and strong support of national policy, will be playing the second Zhongguancun, CBD, Financial Street Beijing downtown area after a wonderful work. Regional residential, leisure, tourism, investment and business and many other formats into one life, becoming a veritable central living area Beijing, Beijing's most valuable attractive choice.
中轴龙脉上风上水,湖湾区尊贵生活  Dragon upwind axis in Sheung Shui, Bayfront honorable life
"The king of the ancient world among the founding choose, choose among all nations standing Palace", Beijing axis, eight hundred mighty imperial veins, stretching north Beijing rare feng shui realm. One SUNAC Long Beach, siting upper hand in Sheung Shui dragon pattern, a prominent veins, royal garden buildings, world-class ruins park, national treasures base ...... where hundreds of celebrities name to the annals of family has been living here for the ancient king princess, dignitaries of a border land. Project partners Baifuquan Wetland Park West, north Mangshan National Forest Park, Mountain View berthing, nice view. 
Baifuquan covers 398 ha wetland, almost Chaoyang Park, the Summer Palace of 1.5 times that of the North of Beijing's largest city park. Changping Town completed, there will be the new Silicon Valley CBD Bayfront, comparable to New York's Central Park, Upper East Side, becoming the northern part of Beijing's most influential noble residence.
京北首席城市庭墅,跃立壹号标杆 Beijing North chief city court villa, Yue Li One benchmark
融创长滩壹号尊重昌平独有的“山水文化”及区域盛产的天然美景,借鉴国际前瞻理念合理规划布局,以美国长滩休闲园林风光配搭新古典Art Deco建筑风格,外立面甄选国际贵重石才,配以斑斓红砖,成为区域内首家以石材铺面的高贵社区,展现建筑历久弥新的优雅气质。项目以湾居叠拼别墅和观山宽景洋房为主,50%景观覆盖,掩映内外至美园境,4.5层湾居叠拼别墅,约220-310平米户型,南北通透前庭后院,超大人性化舒适空间,更有逾100平米下沉空间、庭院空间或空中楼阁可灵活配置独享尊贵别墅生活。8-10层观山宽景洋房,别墅级建筑立面,户型约90—130平米二居、三居,配以大面积飘窗、阳台、露台灵动空间,一梯两户,南北通透明厨明卫,超高得房率,营造热情浪漫的生活感受。
One respected SUNAC Long Beach Changping unique "cultural landscape" and regional rich natural beauty of the idea of ​​drawing on international forward rational planning layout to match the United States Long Beach leisure garden scenery Neoclassical Art Deco architectural style, the selection of the international precious stone facade before, with gorgeous red brick, becoming the region's first paved in stone and noble community, to show architectural timeless elegance. Project to Bay Habitat Diepin villas and bungalows mainly Panoramic Mountain View, 50% covered landscape, nestled inside and outside to America landscaped, 4.5 storey home Diepin Bay villas, approximately 220-310 square meter apartment, South transparent vestibular backyard, large humane comfortable space, sinking more than 100 square meters space, patio space or castles in the air can be flexibly configured exclusive honor villa life. 8-10 panoramic mountain view bungalows, villas level building facade, two-bedroom apartment of about 90-130 square meter, three-bedroom, with a large area of ​​windows, balconies, terraces Smart Space, a ladder two, north and south through the transparent kitchen Ming Wei, high room rate, and create a warm and romantic life experience.
美国長滩休闲园林风光配搭新古典Art Deco建筑风格园区采用国际独创园林技艺,秉承“先园后宅”的造园理念,人车人流、成树全冠移植、多重立体景观,层叠式园林景观尽展花园墅区的灵秀韵美,营造出人与自然之间的零度距离。小区内并种有法桐、白腊、银杏、红枫等名贵树种。
Long Beach leisure garden scenery match neoclassical Art Deco architectural style unique park landscape of international art, adhering to the "first after the park home" gardening ideas, people and cars crowd, into a tree crown transplantation, multi-dimensional landscape, cascading landscape MAY garden villa area scenery rhyme beauty, man and nature to create a distance between the zero. District and planted with Fatong, ash, ginkgo, red maple and other valuable species.
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